How To Choose Which Affiliate Products To Sell

How to choose which affiliate products to sell.

Now that you’re considering adding affiliate marketing to your business model,let’s talk about how to choose which products to market. You don’t want to choose just any product. If you become an affiliate for ANY opportunity that comes your way, you’ll:

Have a hard time marketing your best income producing affiliate links because you are you too focused on quantity over quality.

Be seen as less trustworthy  if you don’t do the proper search into each company you intend to promote through your own brand.

take authenticity out of your marketing because you’re willing to promote any product under the sun.

It’s important to decide what kinds of products you want to affiliate market now so when you continue to grow your personal brand, you don’t compromise values.

Pick A Product that You have Used Before

While it may be tempting to promote a book you haven’t read yet or an online course you haven’t touches, resist the urge to dive head first into promoting a product you don’t have experience with.

Its better if you have unique, personal anecdotes of when a product helped you accomplish something. Whether the product helped you increase your  conversion rate in business or create the best smokey eye look ever, adding your own commentary will only enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.

Choose Products that Fit Within Your Niche

If Your blog teaches small business how to DIY their social media content but you include affiliate links to your fafavourite hair salon products, there will be an automatic disconnect.

That doesn’t mean you can’t show your favourite brands some love. It just may not be a part of your content marketing plan for your educational blog since it doesn’t fit your blog topics.

If you really want to promote a certain product that at a first glance doesn’t seem to fit your niche, think about a different perspective you can bring to your audience. Maybe you could create a blog post on preparing for a brand photoshoot to produce a month’s worth of social media content.

In this example, you may  be able to fit in a mention of the salon products as long as the main focus is still on creating social media content. When in doubt, get creative! It still makes the most sense to choose products that are closest  to your niche, but your niche doesn’t need to put you in a box either.

Promote Companies You Can Stand Behind

You must, I repeat must, make sure your core values align with the company’s core values before you affiliate market their products. If there’s a clear disconnect between the purpose of your brand and their’s, it won’t feel like a natural fit to your audience.

Some bloggers have made the mistake of partnering with brands who had a poor reputation with the public and found their influence took a hit after marketing their products.

The best way to ensure this never happens to you is to do your research before expressing an interest in collaborating or becoming an affiliate. It’s a good way to protect yourself and your personal brand.

You can usually learn about a company by reading their About page or looking more into their blog content to see what they value. When in doubt, ask your contact at the company for more information. They will probably be impressed you asked.